All About Accordions

All About Accordions and Concertinas is an Irish  Company that stocks a huge range of traditional accordions in Ireland. Our collection of accordions is by far the biggest traditional selection when it comes to any authorized dealer in the thirty-two countries of Ireland.


All the professional accordions displayed here are guaranteed for 3 years and student accordions for 2 years.  Piano accordions, Button accordions, Concertinas.  We also stock a range of keys from B+C, C#D etc, and can order any key if you are buying a new accordion.

All About Accordions and Concertinas stock a range of accordions from  Serenellini, Garvey, Castagnari, Paolo Soprani, Saltarelle, Hohner, Aidi  and offers accessories such as Aidi concertina cases, accordion stands,selection of  padded accordion straps, bass straps, shoulder straps, concertina soft bags, concertina quality hard cases.

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