Beltuna Accordions



The 2 voice Sara  is priced at €2800 as it has Tipo A Mano Reeds.

As we are the first Company to stock these accordions in Ireland the Beltuna has offered us a reduced introductory price which allows us to sell these accordions for €2000 [ limited period only ]. They compare very well with the Castagnari models and you can hear the quality reeds in these Swing tuned accordions. Call into our shop and try for yourself, but as I always say to anyone looking to buy an accordion its about sitting down and trying a few models together so you can compare the different qualities.

The Famous Beltuna Melodeon

These accordions have only been in Ireland for a few years and in that Time they are giving the Castagnari a run for their money but at the end of the day its a split between the 2 most popular models as there are differences between both models and again its only when you try both together you could decide which is the one for you.

The 3 voice Sarah

This model has had great reaction at the fleadh ceoil’s.

These models come in swing tuning and I stock in both B+C abd C#D. Like the Castagnari Sharon they only come in 21 key but no one is ever short notes on a 21 key B+C, you only have to ask the great Sharon. I find this has a lovely full sound and mostly this is down to the open grill, A lot of grill are closed and the sound does not get through.

Call into the shop and try this beautiful accordion and you will hear the very responsive sound especially on the low notes and also the fast fingerboard.

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