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All About Accordions is now located at our new shop
An Siopa Ceoil  – The Trad Shop
184 Crumlin Road Dublin  eircode  D12 W448

Working Behind Closed Doors {update 1st April}

Sending out your orders everyday

I am working from home, I have moved a lot of stock to my home and my courier  UPS is now collecting from here.

Phone if only for advise

As it stands, our location on the Crumlin Road; An Siopa Ceoil will be closed to the public until further notice.
I will remain working behind closed doors
   and anyone interested in purchasing an instrument can do so by
contacting us by email or calling the following numbers;
Mobile: 086-172-1792   Landline: 01 4502189    
Thank you

All About Accordions is an Irish Company run by Sean Garvey for the past 25 years and we stock a gREAT range of beginner, improver and professional traditional accordions. Our collection of accordions is by far the biggest traditional selection in Ireland. 

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WE Deliver to your door

All the professional accordions displayed here are guaranteed for 3 years. Our student accordions are guaranteed for 2 years.  We also sell piano accordions and concertinas.  

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Call now on 0861721792 or on our landline 01 4502189

Below is a quick view of some of our more popular stock  



My Best seller, This beginner accordions has been viewed by almost 250,000 on You Tube

Musicians will say that these Castagnari accordions are the best off the shelf accordions available. While some makers have a waiting list, With Castagnari the retailer does the wait and has to order in advance by up to 5/6 months


Along with the Garvey AAA, the Tam 1 and Tam 2 have professional reeds, made by the same company as Saltarelle accordions use. These are great Improver accordions and sell worldwide.


I went to The factory in Castelfidardo, Italy in 2004 and had these new version replicas of the old Grey 1948 model Paolo Soprani made and they are a steady seller since. High quality finish and playability. I should have insisted on my name being on them “Garvey Jubilee” but thats another story.


Serenellini have been in Ireland since the early 1990’s and the demand for these accordions is still strong for these accordions especially the 3 stopper accordion.


Beltuna has been popular in the last few years as their Melodeon has been played by popular players like Bobby Gardiner and Emmet Corbett. The 2 row Button accordions are also becoming very popular.

Hohner Accordions

Hohner, The student piano models are the most reliable piano accordions available and the price is very good compared to the Italian so called student models which are mostly very heavy.


Hohnica is one of many names for the Chinese student accordions. Coming out of the same factory is Serenelli, Parrot etc Student accordions are always needed but gradually the prices are getting excessive.

accordions serenellini Accordions

We take trade in’s against all  new Stock

We stock a range of keys from B+C, C#D  D+G etc, and can order any key if you are buying a new accordion.

Buying an accordion or concertina from us is a guaranteed and hassle free experience.

We are not the big shop in town who don’t want to see you call again after the purchase. We would rather be glad to know that you are happy with your purchase. If at any time you lose confidence in the quality of the instrument and decide within a week that you are not happy with your purchase or that the instrument does not do what we said it would, please come back and we’ll sort it out.

If you need to get a teacher or expert to look at your accordion,  All About Accordions and Concertinas, can accommodate you in getting approval on the instrument before you pay.

Sean Garvey, who is an Accordion Player and Accordion and Concertina Builder and has been working with accordions since 1990’s . He will gladly offer his time and help you in choosing the right instrument for you.

Please phone, if only for advice. 

Always phone ahead before travelling a long way to make sure we have what you are looking for. This is particularly important during the Summer / Fleadh / Festival season, when we take stock out to shows. 


All About Accordions have been supplying quality accordions to traditional Irish Musicians for twenty years [1999] and in that time we have been in the forefront  making players more aware of the quality of reeds available to the professional player.

All my professional accordion reeds have the makers name stamped on them.

I have made the accordion players aware of the different quality reeds available to them, through advertising the different types in each accordion we sell.  20 years ago very few players in Ireland would have heard of the Tipo A Mano reeds for example.  Tam Reeds as we now call them.

Accordion company’s were dropping their standards in order to shift their instruments. And the only way to cut costs is to use cheaper reeds where possible.  Some shops back then were specifying [when ordering accordions] the cheaper reeds in order to offer a better price.

In 2008 I asked the reed makers to supply a sticker to back up my guarantee to my customers.
Because of my influence on the reed makers, today, In every accordion we sell there is a sticker from the reed maker stating the type of reeds in the accordion.

Special Offer!

Wood Finish Accordions

Free Sharon Shannon & Alan O Connor Live in Galway CD + DVD
To anyone calling in to All About Accordions to try out The Sharon Accordion

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Castagnari Accordion

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