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Garvey AAA Super Beginner Accordion

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This is the Best  Beginner Button  Accordion available around the World as nobody else uses the same quality Reeds as we do in our Accordion. With the distributors around the world its all about profit over quality especially at the beginner level because it is mostly parents who are buying for Children.

We pay the extra for good quality Reeds but this in turn means we never have to deal with out of tune or damaged reeds. In over 10 years I cannot remember having to replace a broken reed on these accordions but I have replaced plenty for the competition [ I do theirs only because I am the only accordion repair person in Dublin.

Available today from, Dublin. Ireland. SHIPPED WORLDWIDE. Price €575.

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“Garvey AAA Super Beginner Accordion”

The All New GARVEY AAA Super  has Super Durall Italian Reeds and will definitely out shine all other beginner accordions. Some of the features include:

  • Wooden fingerboard which stops buttons level on fingerboard
  • Groove on side of fingerboard
  • Italian reeds c/w plastic valves
  • Bass strap adjuster

Comes with a quality case. I have designed this accordion with the help of some Accordion teachers. The finished product is far superior to any other starter accordion on the market, including the Hohner Black Dot.

The popularity of this accordion is understandable as it has all the features the teachers require in a starter box.
Since I started getting these accordion made back in 2003 there was only the Hohner  Black Dot available and a lot of Chinese basic beginner accordions with plastic fingerboards. None of these accordions have the most important feature for the player which is the groove for the thumb. This groove enables the player to move freely up and down the fingerboard. What I did was with the help of some teachers decided what was most important for the beginner / student and what we did was copy the features of the professional accordion.
As student ‘s vary in ages from children  to adults, these accordions needed to be suitable for all, so the bass strap adjuster was essential.  We also decided if approached by adults I would have a separate longer  strap  as the same strap would not suit all.
This latest version is the best beginner  button accordion available in the World.

Price: €575

View the Garvey AAA Super Beginner Button Accordion in action in the video below:
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