“Garvey TAM 3”

This Garvey Tam 3 voice has been available for the past 3 years and has been a big success because of its price €1300. Most 3 voice accordions are up in the €2500 plus bracket.
It has 2 middle octive reeds and a lower reed comes in when stopper is pulled up. The Tam accordions are mostly tuned with tremolo and they have a lovely big melodeon sound when all 3 reeds are playing. They are used a lot in the branches for the Grupa ceoil or Ceili Bands where the group need that bit of extra volume and you cant get from a 2 voice accordion.
I describe these accordions as improver accordions even though they are well made and have professional reeds, the quality is close but not at the professional level.

Again the name is in the reeds: Tipo A Mano reeds. TAM for short.

TAM 3 accordions play as well as any professional accordion and with the quality reeds produce a quality sound.
Garvey accordion have been available since 2003.Up to 2003 the quality of the beginner accordion was not great. The Hohner brand was the best seller and the black dot had not been improved or upgraded since the 1950.’s.

Sean sourced a maker to imrove the quality and ended up producing what became the Garvey AAA.This accordion has always had the features of the professional accordion all of which were lacking in the Hohner or Parott or anything else available.. The present day Garvey accordions are known for their quality Tam reeds which are only ever found in the professional accordions

Garvey accordion are presently been replicated by a few distributors who dont involve themselves in research just copy what we have designed but only Garvey has the Quality reeds.

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