“Garvey TAM 2”

This is the new GARVEY Wood accordion called the TAM 2.
These quality Mid Range accordions have all Italian made parts,ie Straps [bellows, bass and shoulder straps].Reeds and fittings.

These accordions are very popular with student moving off the beginner accordion such as the Garvey AAA and even though the AAA is a good quality starter, the student can feel  and hear the difference.
This accordion is highly recommended by teachers around the country and they know we will take  the AAA back as a trade in and then in time they can trade the Tam with us for a professional accordion.

The reason for the name on this accordion is the fact that it has TIPO A MANO Reeds which means hand finished. Similar quality reeds to the  Castagnari and Paolo Soprani  and Serenellini  accordions. This is the second of the new Garvey improver series price is €1000.

In 12 years I have never had to replace one broken reed which is a sign of the quality of the reeds.

New and improved version 2018

The Tam 2 will be available in 21 key format from January 1st and these accordion will come with Swing tuning as standard.

The 23 button will still be available with tremolo.

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