Special Offer

Paolo Soprani

This accordion has a recommended price of €3500 and I am reducing it to €3000.

Thats  €500 off

The accordion has Tipo A Mano professional reeds  and is  a professional quality accordion

Niko    [2 voice accordion]

Castagnari have been making this model for a long time now with a stepped fingerboard and to launch the accordion here in Ireland, we are offering a discounted price  of €1900 down from € 2250.    Thats €350 off  Limited stock:   – dont be disappointed call now.Studio    [2 voice accordion ]

This is another accordion that the Castagnari people have been making for years and only now are making with a Flat fingerboard for the Irish Market . Comes with Swing tuning  21 key.

New introductory Price is €1700  

down from €1950, thats   €250 off   Limited stock :