Melodeon 4 Stopper

“Melodeon 4 Stopper”

As played by Brendan Begley on TG4.

This Melodeon has high quality TAM reeds. The combination is 1 x picollo, 2 middle octive and 1 lower octive reed. This is similar to the cajun accordion and a very powerfull sound.

I usually stock the key of D but can be ordered in any key.

Below, The first Video is the new version of the Melodeon with A Mano Reeds and air Button brought down by 30mm.

The Melodeon has been used in Irish Traditional Music for  over 75 years. This 4 stopper Melodeon is played by top players like Breandan Begley and Paul Brock to name but a few, The Melodeon single row accordions is used by Irish traditional players as a solo instrument in Competition but also used to express the talents of the solo player.   This 10 key 4 stopper accordion is often used in Cajun music as well as Irish Music.

All About Accordions are the only company in Ireland today promoting the use of this wonderful traditional instrument, AAA offers a 5 year guarantee on these qualities made accordions.

Call into the showroom and check out this fantastic accordion, you won’t be disappointed.