Dinn II – Castagnari Accordion

Castagnari Accordions

“Dinn II”

This accordion is the most compact accordion available with 2 sets of reeds.

The Dinn 2 is a 2 voice /reed accordion and it has 11mm buttons  compared to the 14mm of the standard accordion. The action is very fast and the box comes with TAM reeds.

All About Accordions has been selling this beautiful fast action and very responsive Castagnari Dinn 2 for 20 years.  The Dinn 2 has been designed for Irish Music and its design came from the accordion Sharon Shannon plays. This 2 row accordion is a very popular accordion in Irish traditional music. When you look at the Castagnari Dinn 2, you see a light and compact accordion which is a very popular all over Ireland.

All About Accordion are proud to be associated with the Castagnari accordions company. This accordion is guaranteed for 5 years so go along to All About Accordions and check out the Dinn 2 today, you wont be disappointed.
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