Castagnari Accordions

Castagnari Accordions were introduced into Ireland by Sharon Shannon in the early 90’s. All About Accordions have been importing Castagnari Accordions into Ireland since 2000.

A passion for music that has been handed down for three generations, a craft that keeps untouched the same ingredients of an old tradition: quality and harmony, in order to satisfy musicians from all over the world.

There is a 3 year guarantee on all Castagnari Accordions sold by All About Accordions Ireland.

castagnari accordions

Sharon Shannon“The Sharon”
This is the new Sharon Castagnari accordion.

Sharon Shannon has been playing the stepped fingerboard version for over 20 years and now the company are making a flat fingerboard version in her honor.

The Sound is the very same as the Tommy and unbelievably light  with a big melodeon sound on the 3 reeds.

I am guaranteeing these accordions for 3 years so why not treat yourself to a visit to our showroom and experience the quality, craftsmanship and outstanding sound of this instrument for yourself.

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Dinn II“Dinn II”
This accordion is the most compact accordion available with 2 sets of reeds.

Its a 2 voice /reed accordion and it has 11mm buttons  compared to the 14mm of the standard accordion. The action is very fast and the box comes with TAM reeds.

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Dinn III“Dinn III”
This is the Irish version [level fingerboard] of the Tommy.

Features include, smaller buttons, TAM reeds, and very fast action and usually comes with dry or swing tuning.

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“Melodeon 4 StMelodeon 4 Stopperopper”
As played by Brendan Begley on TG4.

This Melodeon has high quality TAM reeds. The combination is 1 x picollo, 2 middle octive and 1 lower octive reed. This is similar to the cajun accordion and a very powerfull sound.I usually stock the key of D but can be ordered in any key.

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