Serenellini Accordions

serenellini bannerSince 1978 Serenellini manufactures a wide range of excellent handcrafted accordions, able to satisfy the needs of the student as well as of the most demanding professional accordionist.

The artisan style of Serenellini’s accordion perfectly suits to the quality of the product; using only the best Italian raw materials, employing highly experienced craftsmen and adhering to a severe policy of accurate on-line testing up to the final product give rise to the top reliability guarantee of the instrument.

There is a 3 year guarantee on all Serenellini accordions sold by AAA.


“Serenellini 3 Stopper”

Serenellini 3 stopper swing.

This 3 stopper is my most popular accordion with players. The stoppers gives the player different options / combinations of sound mixing the 2 middle octave and lower octave.

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Size: L 26.0 x W 15.5 x H 29.5 cm / 3.1 kg

21 keys 2 reeds
Stopper on right side to close off 1 reed leaving single reed playing.
Bass stopper to take out the thirds in order to play with Minor Chords.

Made in Italy
Includes Hard Case and pair of Serenellini straps.