Garvey Accordions

Garvey Accordions have been available since 2003. Up to 2003 the quality of the beginner accordion was not of the highest standard. The Hohner brand was the best seller and the black dot had not been improved or upgraded since the 1950’s.

Sean sourced a maker to improve the quality and ended up producing what became the Garvey AAA. This accordion has always had the features of the professional accordions all of which were lacking in the Hohner and Parott or anything else available.. The present day Garvey accordions are known for their quality Tam reeds which are only ever found in the professional accordions.

Now in 2018 our  Garvey  catalogue consists of :
Garvey Tam 1 which is the Melodeon 4 stopper. in key of D
Garvey Tam 2 – 23 button,   a  2 voice  accordion with Tremolo tuning.
Garvey Tam 2 – 21 button,  a  2 voice accordion with swing tuning.
Garvey Tam 3 – 23 button  a 3 voice with 2 middle octive reeds and a sub octave. out of stock for the moment

Garvey accordions are presently being replicated by a few distributors who don’t involve themselves in research, they just copy what they see. But only The Garvey has the Quality reeds and Italian parts like buttons straps and brackets etc.

This is the New Garvey Melodeon Tam 1


Garvey TAM 2 

The Tam 2 has Tipo A Mano Reeds and is priced at €1100.


This Accordion is called the TAM 2.

The reason for the name on this accordion is the fact that it has TIPO A MANO Reeds.

These Reeds are used in the Castagnari and Paolo Soprani Jubilee accordions. This is the second of the new Garvey improver series price is €1100.

In 15 years I have never had to replace one broken reed which is a sign of the quality of the reeds.

Click Here for more info on the TAM 2.

“Garvey TAM 3”

This accordion is not available for now. The producer has promised improvement and until I am happy with the improvement, I wont be ordering more.



Garvey AAA

The Best Beginner Button Accordion Available in the World

Garvey Accordion AAA Beginner Accordion


“Garvey AAA Beginner Accordion”

The All New GARVEY AAA has Super Durall Italian made  Reeds and will definitely out shine all other starter accordions.

    • Wooden fingerboard which stops buttons level on fingerboard

    • Groove on side of fingerboard

    • Italian reeds c/w plastic valves

    • Bass strap adjuster

Comes with a quality case have designed this accordion with the help of some teachers. The finished product is far superior to any other starter accordion on the market including the Hohner Black Dot.   Price is €575

The popularity of this accordion is understandable as it has all the features the teachers require in a starter button 

The Above Video has been watched by over 250,000 people on You Tube

Click here for more info on the Garvey AAA.

Accordion Soft Bag c/w Garvey Crest

Garvey Soft Bag



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