Serenellini 3 Stopper


“3 Stopper”

Serenellini 3 stopper.

This 3 stopper is my most popular accordion with players.They have a very good action keyboard and are a joy to play whether playing slow tunes or up tempo.

The stoppers gives the player different options / combinations of sound mixing the 2 middle octave and lower octave.

We stock these Accordions in both Swing and Tremelo tuning.
To explain Swing and tremolo,Swing is where the reeds are tuned quite close to each other and the tremolo is the reeds tunes apart/ apart.

Serenellini have been making these accordions since 1978 and the company even made Saltarelle accordions back in the 90’s before Dino Baffetti started making them.[Saltarelle do not make their own accordion
Serenellini 3 stopper.