Italian Reeds “The real Story”

Today I saw a comment on an Irish accordion website that said that A Mano reeds were not to be compared with Tipo A Mano reeds as the Tipo or Tam Reeds [An abbreviated name I put on these reeds back in 2005 ]are considered grade 2.  I have never seen any grading of reeds by any reed manufacturer as they all have their individual qualities.
The writer of this comment is a player himself and as a player he should respect that not everyone needs the loud piercing sound of the A Mano reed.  He  actually only copied an accordion  that was made in France.
Today, in sessions, all musicians are respected equally. not like  back in the day when accordion players led the session.
Today its not about the volume except in bands or in competition.
Today, the respectful individual accordion player will have his A Mano reeds accordion for band /competition but he will also have his Tipo A Mano professional reeded accordion for sessions or possibly an accordìon with a softer sounding like Super Durall Reeds for the session.
For an accordion maker and player to promote one type of reed quality and grading that quality  is undermining all other sounds.
Because it is more expensive to make A Mano reeds does not make them a grade above the rest.
Super Dural have softer sound and accordions are sold in general by their sound.
Once you go above the average Machine made reed, the sound comes into play, and accordions are mostly bought for their sound.
We have a unique set up in Ireland unlike anywhere else in the world and that is Fleadh Competitions. On a yearly basis with the fleadh competitions, pushy parents and teaches are all watching what will this years winner be, A Paolo Soprani, Cairdin, Castagnari. Serenellini and sales of these accordion go up accordingly.
With respect to the maker that got me started on this rant. He should realize that there are other reeds available to use that give a quality of sound other than the piercing A Mano reeds he boasts as grade 1. For a few years  I worked with the Paolo Soprani company and They would not put a stronger reed in the Jubilee accordion or the Later versions than the Tipo A Mano . They explained the fact that they were using 4 sets of reeds that it became too powerful a sound, and that the Tipo Reeds were strong enough and still professional and well balanced.
I have been buying reeds from Italy for 25 years and never heard the reeds  graded as 1,2 or anything else
The individual company’s describe reeds their as follows.